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CNQ3 Client Migration


CNQ3 Client Migration

This is a quick overview of some stuff that's new or different in CNQ3 1.49 vs previous CNQ3 versions and/or the original Quake 3 engine. For full details, please check out the CNQ3 Client Settings guide.

General behavior differences to watch out for:

  • CNQ3 does not write to q3config.cfg on exit. Use writeconfig manually to save to a file.
  • m_speed replaces sensitivity.
  • r_mode works differently.
  • r_width replaces r_customwidth.
  • r_height replaces r_customheight.
  • r_brightness replaces r_overBrightBits.
  • r_mapBrightness replaces r_mapOverBrightBits.
  • r_ignorehwgamma was removed because gamma correction is always available.
  • cl_allowDownload 1 doesn't use the original (super slow) download system.


Variable Purpose
con_scale Console text scale
con_scaleMode Console text scaling mode (scale with res, don't scale with res, fixed size)
con_completionStyle Console auto-completion mode (standard, ET-style)
con_history Saves the console command history to a file
con_drawHelp Draws a help panel below the console
cl_allowDownload Specifies the download system (id, CNQ3, disabled)
r_monitor Specifies what screen to display the game on (primary or a given monitor)
r_mode Full-screen display mode (desktop res, custom res with engine upscaling, custom res with screen/drivers upscaling)
r_blitMode Full-screen image upscaling mode (aspect-ratio preserving, stretched, no upscale)
r_width Custom rendering width (replaces r_customwidth)
r_height Custom rendering height (replaces r_customheight)
r_msaa Anti-aliasing sample count
r_brightness General brightness (replaces r_overBrightBits)
r_mapBrightness Map brightness (lightmap textures only, replaces r_mapOverBrightBits)
r_ext_max_anisotropy Anisotropic filtering taps
s_autoMute When to mute automatically (minimized, unfocused, never)
m_speed Mouse sensitivity (replaces sensitivity)
m_accelStyle Selects what mouse accel formula/system to use
m_accelOffset Mouse acceleration offset for the power function
in_noGrab Disables input grabbing
in_mouse Selects the mouse input mode (raw, win32, disabled, …)
in_minimize Windows only: registers a hotkey to minimize/restore the game


Command Purpose
help <cvar|cmd> Prints help for the given cvar or command
searchhelp <pattern> Lists all cvars and commands whose names or help text contains the pattern
screenshotnc Takes TARGA (.tga) screenshot with the console hidden
screenshotncJPEG Takes a JPEG (.jpg) screenshot with the console hidden
dlpak <checksum> Downloads a pak by its checksum if the pak doesn't exist locally
dlmap <map_name> Downloads a map by name if no map with such a name exists locally
dlmapf <map_name> Downloads a map by name
dlstop Cancels the map/pak download in progress, if any