Challenge ProMode Arena

CNQ3 Presentation


The Challenge Quake 3 (CNQ3) Engine

Here are lists of the major improvements over the original Quake III Arena engine.


  • 64-bit support.
  • Improved auto-completion.
  • Detailed crash reports, including VM stack traces.
  • Built-in help system and help text (/help and /searchhelp).
  • Many bug fixes.
  • It is the official CPMA engine (not required, but recommended).


  • Better-looking dynamic lights (r_dynamiclight 1).
  • A fast download system that gets the right files (cl_allowDownload 1).
  • Gamma correction is always available and will never ever change your screen settings (r_gamma).
  • Faster map loads and reduced CPU usage.
  • Monitor selection (r_monitor).
  • Help panel drawn below the console (con_drawHelp 1).
  • Windows: raw mouse input support (in_mouse 1).
  • Linux: new code for window, input, video and audio.

Dedicated server

  • Linux: built-in process restart. Process restarts can happen after a certain amount of time has passed (and no player is connected) or after a crash.

For more details on the client settings, head here: CNQ3 Client Settings.
For the list of new commands, head here: CNQ3 Commands.