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CNQ3 Commands


CNQ3 Commands

General commands

Command Purpose
cvar_add <cvar> <number> Adds a number to a cvar's value.
cvar_mul <cvar> <number> Multiplies a cvar's value by a number.
cvar_trim [-f] Removes all user-created cvars.
fs_restart Restarts the file system.
help|man <cvar|cmd> Prints the help of a cvar or command.
searchhelp <pattern> Prints all cvars and commands whose help or name contains the pattern.
setempty <cvar> Set a string cvar to an empty string.
unset <cvar> Removes a user-created cvar.
waitms <milliseconds> Delay command executions by the specified number of milliseconds.
writeconfig [-f] Writes archived CVars to a config file. Use -f to force writing all cvars.

Client commands

Command Purpose
bindkeylist Prints the list of key names usable by the bind and unbind commands.
dlmap <map_name> Starts the download of a map by name if it doesn't exist locally.
dlmapf <map_name> Starts the download of a map by name.
dlpak <checksum> Starts the download of a pak by its checksum if it doesn't exist locally.
dlstop Cancel the download in progress, if any.
imageinfo <imagepath> Prints where the image was loaded from and shaders that reference it.
minimize Linux client only. Minimizes the window.
minimizekeynames Windows client only. List of names usable with in_minimize.
monitorlist Prints all detected monitors and the indices to use with r_monitor.
registerdemos Adds Windows file associations for demo files (.dm_68 .dm_67 .dm_66).
searchconsole Begins a new console search.
Press ctrl-F when the console is down to bring up the command.
Press (shift-)F3 to find the next match going up or down.
Just like in cmdlist/cvarlist/etc, * will match any amount of characters.
shaderinfo <shadername> [code] Prints where the shader was loaded from and optionally the code.
shadermixeduse Prints all images referenced in shaders with conflicting global directives.
unregisterdemos Removes Windows file associations for demo files.

Server commands

Command Purpose
uptime Prints uptimes for the process, the current map and the parent CNQ3 process (if any).